Design diary for the animated short, The Chiquita Factor, coming may '06.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Robelvis is rigged and textured.

Robelvis is rigged, textured, and ready to go!

I may have to make some adjustments, I seem to have miscalculated the arm length. I wanted him to put his hands behind his head and do the Elvis hump, but they can't quite reach and still be bent with the elbows outward like the sketch. Might add a clavicle joint to remedy this.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Robelvis, the Robotic Elvis.

Catch-up time! And here we have...Robelvis. The Robotic Elvis. Sketch and preliminary model. The Side Burns and Sexy Elvis hair are glued on.

Shteve Shtevenson

This is a shot of Shteve Shtevenson's face. Final evolution of my clay shader too. He looks like Sculpey, don't he? Weehee!

The big goal here is to have a student film that doesn't look like every other damn student film, and doesn't look stereotypically CGi either. I want it to look like clay and move like Tex Avery. Animation tests coming soon!

Fun with Facials...ahem.

This here is Marvin, one of the main characters for the short.

Pretty deep into the animation stage right now, but I'm gonna start posting stuff from further back. This is an early test of my facial-animation setup. It represents alot of rigging work but only about 30 seconds of animation, just a proof of concept. One of my goals here is to get CG animation to have the flexibility of 2D. (No more plastic people with paper lips stuck on!)

Check out the facial animation test here.